Full of activities in and out of school

As you may or may not know this term has been full of activities in and out of school. A lot of activities take place on the weekends. Therefore, the boarders get to take full advantage of what is on offer. They have enjoyed time kayaking and paddle boarding at Wykam Lake, going laser tagging, having fun at Alpamare in Scarborough. As well as having an awesome time on the beach at Stoup Beck cooking their own food on their own little BBQ’s, baking at the weekends, looking at Jupiter and Saturn on Dark Skies Night, which just totally blew my mind. Knowing that you can see other planets millions of miles away was amazing! Year 6 and 7 trips to Bewley Park, trips to Whitby and Scarborough, walks on the moors, the list is endless.

As you can see, it has been half a term jam packed with an array of events. Everyone from our new boarders that have joined us to our more accustomed boarders have had what has felt like a very busy, normal experience. I just love that feeling of saying normal it has made such a difference. What is most important is that everyone is happy and settled.

Bailey has been a true hit with the children, not only with our boarders and dailies but even with the staff. His favourite part of the week, that he loves, is going to forest school every Friday. It was just lovely hearing the children saying that Bailey was in their team and they took him into their dens with them. He loves going for walks every day with myself, Mrs Harris and Mrs Jackson during lunch break. The girls have really enjoyed playing with him in the common room in the evenings. Ulyana and Stephanie chase him around the sofa in the staff room and play hide and seek. At times he can be a little mischievous of course. He regularly likes to run away with things as he thinks you chasing him after a spoon or bits of paper is a game. He has a real obsession with taking cushions and he just likes carrying them around, getting them off him is a real challenge at times as he out smarts you with the directions he runs in. He is just great and I can’t believe that he is 5 months old already!!

One of the great things about Fyling Hall is that we often get visits in the staff room from the pupils in the evenings. I really do enjoy having a good chat and a cup of tea with other boarding staff and our boarders. That is what makes it feel more like a family home than a regular school. It is good to have tears filling your eyes and a pain in your side due to laughing that much, there have been plenty of those moments this term!

I think you will agree . . . we truly have been full of activities in and out of school. I can guarantee that the next half of the term will be just as joyous and fun. I hope that you all have a well-deserved half term and I can’t wait to see you all in November. All my love, Miss Anders xxx

Emma Anders, Head Matron