French lessons from the perspective of international students

What are French lessons like from the perspective of international students? Ms Hornung, Fyling Hall’s Head of Modern Languages, asked Yamina (Year 10, from Germany) and Tim (Year 10, from Hong Kong) to share their thoughts . . .

Lock down again from January, although this time many of us have known what it is like to be doing lessons online. French has always been our favourite lesson even in the last lockdown, normal lessons or this lockdown. We have always been doing a lot of fun, loud and exciting French games, both online and in the classroom. We spent a lot of our time working on Language Gym last lockdown. I mean of course, there was speaking and listening and paperwork to do but that still wasn’t that boring as many of us would have thought.

With technology growing we have managed to find a new game website called Blooket which is very useful and exciting as we compete against each other. As well as Blooket we spend all our lessons developing our typing French and English skills which can be very frustrating but exciting at the same time. Listening is difficult in online lessons but we have worked hard on our skills. Paperwork is still in place and we think that after playing all these different activities it helps us to get through all the work a lot faster.

Learning French at Fyling Hall School is a lot different than learning it in Germany. In Germany the teacher only gives us pages out of the text book which means there is just paperwork to do and no way it is as fun as we are doing lessons at this school. Anyway, lockdown is going to be over soon and we will all be back to school. I’m sure we will enjoy our lessons in the classroom too! 

Thank you, Yamina and Tim! Great insight into French lessons from the perspective of international students.