On Tuesday, after prep was completed, a group of senior pupils joined Ms Hornung and Mrs Wormald in the Art Room, to watch a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film called ‘Micmacs’. Following a supper of French cheeses and baguettes, followed by a delicious Tarte au citron, the pupils settled down to watch the film and were soon involved in the topsy-turvy world of Bazil and his friends.

Described variously as ‘a masterpiece’ and ‘a live action Wallace and Gromit’ the film follows the main protagonist’s story as he sets out on a hilarious quest to bring down the world’s biggest weapon manufacturers with a group of social misfits including an elastic woman and a man who holds the human cannonball record.

Despite having to read the subtitles the pupils were soon laughing out loud at the inventive and fast paced story and its many visual gags. The pupils are keen for another foreign film night and are already researching films they would like to see.

Ms Hornung

french film night