We used our Senses to explore the area around us and Mrs Rowe was delighted with our results. Here are a few of our poems for you to enjoy, too.

Fluffy, damp, mottled moss clutching onto oak trees
The ancient, soggy twigs cracking as I place my foot on them
The fresh dampness of the humid air
The sun glimpsing through the towering trees
Savouring the cool, iron-frost taste in my mouth
by Gabriel Hodgson

Seeing the fragile, fluffy, fledgling feathers on the muddy, maroon ground
The shimmering, silvery sunlight squeezing itself through the oak trees
Melodious sonnet of birds
Cowardly, cawing crows chorusing
Creamy-brown mushrooms popping up from the damp earth
Dingy, damp, dark den
Nature’s natural perfume
by Jenna Coleman

Dry lips with a musty taste
Old decaying trees, upgrowing roots
Forest Febreeze reminding me of the Andrex puppy
Leaves crumpling under people’s feet
Bark crumbling at one touch
by Leon Fowler-Smith

The chilled draught making my lips curl
The smell of a deep-dewy, sheltering wood
Spiralling sprigs like a helter-skelter ride
The cheerfully chirping birds singing their joyful song
The shimmering sunlight fighting its way through the green leaves
by Benjamin Carpenter