On Thursday, Form 3 pupils attended Scarborough Engineering Week at The Spa, where they took part in a variety of exciting activities. The first stop was the Formula 1 in Schools Zone, where pupils put their reaction times to the test and had the chance to launch model racing cars.

The fun continued as the students tried their hand at welding and building electrical circuits in the Education Zone, with Harry Brindley declared the best welder that the course leader had seen all week! The Engineering Zone was home to a fantastic robot, and some of the girls had a go at bending metal around a tube.

The highlight for many of the pupils (and the teachers) was the chance to see the prototype of Bloodhound, the British built car which will attempt to break the land speed record, and to take it for a virtual spin on a simulator. While the pupils’ performances were rather impressive, Mr Edge came off the track and Mrs Richardson failed to stop in the required time, making a return run impossible.

Better stick to teaching! The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and has provided the pupils with an insight into the many and varied career paths possible in engineering. Thank you to Mr Edge for organising the trip.

“I stood next to the fastest car in the world, and it was amazing!” – Olivia Coates

“I used to like science….but now I love it!” – Elfie Field

“It was fun and we got to see lots of clever inventions and use some of the machines.” – Lilly Belle Whiteley

“My favourite part was when we saw the prototype of the fastest car in the world. When it is built it will be incredible.” – Lilli Walsh

“My favourite part was when we fired the racing cars and I was the fastest.” – Jeremy Normanton

“It was amazing. The bit I enjoyed the most was when I did the welding. There was a computer and a screen and you wore a mask. I made the Union Jack and the course leader said I was the best all week so that’s what made my day good.” – Harry Brindley