This week, Form Three stepped outside the geography room to do some learning outside the classroom. Mr Stevenson, one of our school gardeners, instead took Form Three and Miss Gilmour on a guided tour of part of our extensive school grounds, focusing on the impact that humans have on the environment. The class discussed the rise of the ‘throw away society’, looked around at the gardens for examples of human impact on the landscape, and talked about the importance of looking after the natural world. Mr Stevenson, who is also our resident bee-keeper, then walked Form Three round to the Rose Garden, where they had the chance to look at our school beehives. The class observed the bees in what Mr Stevenson described as one of their most active times of the year, talked about how to care for them, and had the opportunity to hold and look at some larvae. They also learned some interesting facts, such as that bees are now used in airports to help with security! It was a very enjoyable and educational afternoon spent learning about aspects of geography outside the classroom. A big thank you to Mr Stevenson for taking time out of his day to help Form Three explore the world around them a little more closely!

Rosie Havelock

junior geog in gardenjunior geog 2