Junior School Students Come Together To Read

Students at Fyling Hall Junior School come together and share the pure joy of reading.

Every Thursday after swimming, the young and the old gather as one from the far corners of the Junior School; united in a single, tangible atmosphere of excitement – an excitement borne solely from the pure, thrilling emotion of reading. As the enthusiasm swells, the Form 1 children flock to pair with their Year 5 and 6 comrades – thoughts and opinions of characters and plots incanting their minds and stoking their imaginations to sweltering feats of creativity.’

A hubbub of sound ensues as one-and-all share and reflect upon their books of choice – characters and authors alike becoming subject to the fierce scrutiny of these master-analysts. Alternatively, the younger children are content to lounge back; bathing in the heady sounds of their buddy’s storytelling  and soaking in new words, facts and interpretations from a plethora of non-fiction texts.

It was just the other week that Year 1 pupil Henry was delighted and shocked in equal measure, to discover that an ‘echidna’ is indeed a real animal – bound not just to the realms of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ but to our very own – a world of adventure that can be stimulated at the flick of a front cover. 

Mrs Richardson, Form 4 Tutor

At Fyling Hall the family atmosphere is important. Students enjoy supporting each other, learning from each other, and older students develop a sense of responsibility. As well as students reading together, younger children have older buddies to interact with. The senior school students lead fun dance sessions on Fridays and sixth formers pop in for maths games.