Forces and Motion

‘Forces and Motion’ is the theme for Fyling Hall’s STEM Challenge Day. Taking place on Wednesday, 11th March, we cannot wait to welcome the challenging teams from Overdale, Ruswarp and Hawsker. We certainly have an exciting day in store!

Fyling Hall's STEM Challenge 2020

Visiting students will arrive having been allocated to groups of four beforehand. A range of skills within each team is essential. Good teamwork is also very important in the tasks. Teams will complete three tasks with a device to construct to solve the problem. With each task taking an hour, each will be judged by our team of judges made up from teachers and visiting experts.

The day will end with a demonstration of some more advanced experiments and projects by Fyling Hall’s A-Level Physics students. They will show some of the projects they have been working on while the judges decide on the winning team. We’ll then present the winners their prize before finishing by 2:30pm.

Watch this space for more on Forces and Motion!

Fyling Hall's 2020 STEM Challenge