On Monday, Mrs Park delivered an assembly about how you should aim to have a ’growth mind set’ and not be a person with a ‘fixed mind set’. The assembly was aimed at making people more open to making mistakes and meeting challenges when they learn. If you find maths hard for example then don’t just give up and say you’re bad at it. Use the information to get better at it and improve.

In this assembly Mrs Park told us that she thinks she is rubbish at hockey and when the staff vs. students’ hockey battle (the staff nearly always win!) comes around she always shies away and doesn’t want to do it. So when she is forced to do it she feels she isn’t very good. If she had a growth mind-set she wouldn’t mind making mistakes or looking stupid; she would give it a go and improve from her mistakes. The open mind set is what everyone should aim for.

Toby Richardson (Y7)