Our first week at Fyling Hall

With Summer Term 2019 just starting, Miss Anders, Main House Matron, asked a few of our new pupils for their thoughts on their first week at Fyling Hall.

My first week at Fyling Hall was really nice.  At the beginning it was really stressful, and I was afraid of not being able to speak English, but everything is ok.  I really like this school and everything is going great.  Lena, Yr 9, France


My first week at Fyling Hall was very exciting and good.  At the beginning I thought my English might not be good enough for others to understand, but other people helped me.  They are so friendly and also the teachers are very good, so the lessons were good, even though I didn’t understand everything.  I think I am going to have a great time at Fyling Hall.  Mia, Yr 10, Germany


My first days at Fyling Hall were really nice and very interesting.  I was excited for my first day but also anxious, because I did know how the day would go.  The people at the school were very welcoming and friendly with me so now I am relaxed and the teachers are very kind.  Juliette, Yr 9, France

Lena, Mia & Juliette

A big welcome to all of our new pupils . . . you are most welcome at Fyling Hall!