First impressions of Fyling Hall boarding life

What are our newest students first impressions of Fyling Hall boarding life? Mrs Jeeves, Head of English as a Second Language, asked Laure and Mathilde to share their thoughts. Both girls are French, are in Year 9 and will stay with us for one term.

When I arrived at school I didn’t want to come because I didn’t speak English and I was very stressed. At the same time, I was happy because it would be a new experience for me and because it would allow me to improve my English (which really sucks).

I sleep in a room with Emma and Diana. They are very nice and helped me to integrate and find my bearings, especially Emma who helps me during the lessons, who explains things that are complicated for me and who tells me where to go.

My favourite lesson in this school is biology. I really like the teacher, he is very nice and I understand what he is saying, which is really good.

I look forward to the break to be able to rest talking with girls without necessarily understanding but it improves my English and to put my stuff away.

Laure, Year 9, placed by School Britannia

When I first came to school, I was scared and stressed, because I don’t speak English and I didn’t know really anything. I was also enthusiastic to discover English and I was “happy” to leave my parents for 3 months. 

In my dorm, there is Emilie and Alison. They are truly kind, and they help me to improve my English. Emilie is very keen, she speaks a bit French and so she can explain to me some words. She always seems to be in a good mood! Alison is really nice too! She helps me find my way. She explains to me how class and school work, because it’s not the same system as in France. 

I think my favourite thing so far is the time after class, when we can do what we want, because it’s at that moment that I improve my English, and I like to learn news words in this language. 

What I’m looking forward to is the time when I understand English well and I won’t always be saying “What?! What?!”

Matilde, Year 9

A big thank you to Laure and Mathilde for sharing their first impressions of Fyling Hall boarding life. Living abroad can be daunting at any age, but we are delighted with how quickly our latest family members have settled . . . one of our many benefits of being a truly small school and testament to our quality pastoral care. We know that they will make the most of their short stay with us.