First half of the term has been busy

As you can imagine the first half of the term has been busy and a lot has been underway.  A variety of activities have taken place during the first half of the term, and I am sure there is a lot more to come in the second half!  

Boarders enjoy the lovely city of York

The boarders, as well as our day pupils, have enjoyed their weekends at Wykham Lakes paddle boarding, trips to the local towns of Whitby & Scarborough, shopping in York and swimming at Alpamare. We have welcomed new boarders from France & Germany this term and we are looking forward to welcoming more new starters in June.

All our year 11 pupils have started their GCSE’s as well as our year 13’s with their A-Levels.  I know that they have all been working extremely hard, and we wish them the best of luck! 

Everyone has been in a rush to get their photos in to Mr Instone, for this year’s Yearbook.  I’m very excited for its release as it is a lovely way to celebrate and to see what all have been up to over the year.  Mr Instone does a fabulous job getting everything together.  Not forgetting that the last time the Yearbook was published was before Covid, can you believe it?  It still seems so surreal that all those lockdowns happened!  I’m sure there will be a lot to see.  

Bailey had his first birthday!  In his little head he is still a puppy and still has a lot to learn.  I have to say that it is just great to have a dog on site.  Most of the time you can hear me shouting him across the grounds as he has somewhat of a short attention span 😂 especially if he spots a pupil, he is eager to say hello to or a bird of some sort he tries to run after! 

As the second half of the term approaches many more activities will be underway, there will be a week of enrichment and the Summer Ball will be taking place.  I can’t wait to see everyone’s beautiful dresses!  It will also be time to say goodbye to some of our Fyling Haller’s.  Although this is an emotional time it is also a time to celebrate the achievements of our pupils with our annual prize giving ceremony.  Soon speeches will be prepared, trophies will be polished, and the end of another year will be just around the corner.  

I will update you all at the end of the term in July to let you know what has taken place.  Until then, I hope you that you all have a fabulous Half Term and I look forward to seeing you all soon 💕

Emma Anders, Head Matron