20131121_170423_resizedOn Thursday of last week Fyling Hall travelled to Lady Lumley’s School in Pickering to play an inter-age, inter-ability badminton match: the first fixture the school has had in this sport.
On four courts, we assembled five doubles teams from each school, and battled in over twenty games to see which school would be crowned victor. From the odd pairing of Year 13 Michael McCormack and Year 8 Joe Husband to some of the school’s newest students, Lucien and Dusen, each team shot, rallied and sparred to the best of their ability to try and win each game as it came. In the end, the doubles was concluded as a tie with 11 games won by each school.
However, in the singles tournament that followed, Fyling Hall dominated. In twelve games Fyling Hall won nine and lost only three. A motivational team coach in the form of Mrs. Park had clearly taught us the basics well. Each 20131121_165758_resizedplayer seemed to defeat their opposition through the use of clinical shuttle positioning and personal disipline to maintain control of their own body and racket positions. The basics paid off.
‘The evening was certainly enjoyable, I enjoyed playing a range of people that I haven’t meet before. Not just the same people I play at school each week.’ George Husband.
With each team member enjoying the tournament, another has been scheduled for the near future in out own Sports Hall. Let’s hope this time we get a clean sweep!
Michael McCormack