Film Club’s latest review

Fyling Hall’s Film Club’s latest review is in. Our Senior Club members include Joe, Arthur, Josh and Miss M. Their film? Lost Boys, 1989. Here’s what they thought . . .

Film Club's latest review

Teen flick, light hearted vampire story from and seaside town.

We follow the younger brother of a vampire on his quest to sleigh the vampire. He’s accompanied by the comedy duo the Frog brothers.

Vampire sleighers, the Frog brothers create comic relief from the the vampire theme.

Film Club's latest review

The Doors soundtrack sets the mood for the moody teenage subcontent. The light hearted story line about family transition, can be interpreted as the teenage transition into moody isolation and feeling like the odd one out in society.

In our Film Club‘s latest review, our club members recommend this film as a must watch.

Film Club's latest review