On the 9th October, years 10 and 13 spent the whole day designing a fish for a local parade. We were split into two groups to get the job done. One group created the head of the fish (my group), and the other group made the body. The fish is similar in shape to and is operated much like a Chinese Parade Dragon, so that it moves like a real fish.

Two professional artists from Interactive in Whitby came to make the fish with us. Initially, we started to think about how to design the fish. As we already knew what to do, we started to glue, stick and cut the pieces for the huge fish. The artists helped us greatly, and I think that we all worked great together as a team.

On Friday 20th, next week, some members of the school will take part in the parade to move the fish.

Lilli Backhaus (Year 10)

Fish art

fish art 6

fish art 5

fish art 4

fish art 3

fish art 2

fish 3