Fyling Hall’s Got Talent

Tuesday last week saw the return of Fyling Hall’s Got Talent in the Barn. Always a fun event, where pupils of all ages can share their favourite talents and skills, this year saw the largest number of Junior school entries yet. One of the best parts of the event was the range of ages of entries with the year 10 music class ending the show which also included pupils from form 1 in the Junior School. 

Talents ranged from piano playing to dancing, reciting crazy facts to poetry reading, gymnastics to drumming. We even had a harmonica on stage for the first time!

Mrs Jeeves was thrilled with how supportive the audience were, clapping at the end of every performance, helping people who were feeling nervous and singing along to the songs being danced too as well. Everyone showed excellent teamwork skills and were supportive friends, they were a credit to their teachers and families. 

Georgie in year 6 said “It was really fun and enjoyable” and her classmate Bertie said “I loved watching the dancing groups, they were really fun”. 

An event like this is always great as a chance for the senior school pupils to spend time with our juniors and for the junior school to see our older pupils performing. We love filling the Barn with pupils from different age groups and seeing how much they enjoy each other’s company. 

Special thanks must go to our 6th form drama class who took on various roles in the event. Emie, one of our Head Girls, acted as host introducing pupils. Brogan was sound technician and set up the musical equipment prior to the event. Charlie and Sonny were our own Simon Cowell and David Walliams, acting as judges and also setting up the Barn for the event. Thank you to Ms Carthy and the Junior staff for their help in organising too. 

But of course, all you really want to know is who won, well without further ado here are our 2022 Fyling Hall’s Got Talent Winners!


Form 1 and 2

1st Margot Hartley (dancing Girls just wanna have fun)

2nd Henry Russell (harmonica)

3rd Olivia Fusco (magic tricks)

Form 3 and 4

1st Belle Lunn (dancing Smell of Rebellion from Matilda Jnr)

2nd Jack Day (Jack’s Crazy Facts)

Zara Bilson-Hodges (own poem)

3rd Frankie Prior (singing Bad News)

Lara Telling (gymnastics routine to Confident)

Senior School

1st Skye Telling (playing own piano composition)

2nd Emillie Moss and Darcey Boushall (piano and vocal duet)

3rd Year 10 Music Class (playing Valerie)

Congratulations to all the winners!