FHS Musicians Open Musicport Festival

Ten of our talented musicians were invited to the Royal Hotel last Friday to take part in a music workshop of percussion, vocals and body beats. In an intimate setting in the ballroom of the Royal Hotel, the musicians and the professionals collaborated to create an ensemble performance using spoons as instruments, clapping to make polyrhythms and vocals to recreate a traditional Scandinavian chant.

After the success of the workshop, the band and pupils made their way to the theatre at the Spa Pavilion to officially open Musicport, along with Rebecca Gross and her Big Sing choir. Everybody involved had a wonderful day of music enrichment, developing their own skills and appreciating what it means to work with professional musicians and to support young pupils just starting out.

Mrs Wormald & the pupils would like to thank Ailsa Campbell and Justin Mayne for accompanying them on this trip.

The workshop was quirky, interactive and it was nice to work with instruments and rhythms I don’t normally use – Alfie Husband Year 12

It’s amazing what you can do with 2 spoons and a sense of rhythm – Marion Terry Year 12