A missive has arrived from Miss Anne Fairfax (died 1665!) about her house and some recent visitors.Fairfax House 1

Lord Fairfax and I were especially pleased to welcome certain illustrious guests to our magnificent York townhouse recently. We would like it to be understood, that in this summer season, while it is not fashionable for people of quality such as ourselves to be in town, we are very happy to encourage visits to our beautiful town residence.

The Year 8 pupils of Fyling Hall School have been especially privileged in this respect. In this two hundred and fiftieth year since my father purchased this delightful house for me, they have had the opportunity to appreciate the splendours of a truly Georgian townhouse, furnished with the utmost taste and elegance. I believe, furthermore, that this visit has enabled them to become acquainted, asFairfax House 2 scholars of history, with the continuing problems of historical evidence and interpretation. However, it has come to my attention that a certain rumour is abroad,  that his Lordship, while professing loyalty to king George, harbours Jacobite sympathies and that traces of this can be found secretly encoded in some of the decoration of my house! I can only stress that his lordship and I have, like many right thinking ladies and gentlemen, always professed allegiance to the true, lawful and legitimate line of England and challenge our opponents to do their worst!

Anne Fairfax