Horse Riding at School

Horse riding at school is very much part of the Fyling Hall School tradition, and our eight horses and ponies are greatly loved members of the community. The 5 star rated stable yard lies within the school grounds, and the horses and ponies graze the surrounding fields in summer. Many students look forward to visiting the horses in their break-times.

Over miles of beautiful moorland bridleways, pupils who have never ridden before can safely learn to do so, while those with experience can improve their skills under expert supervision. Riding is available within the school day, for one (sports/ games) lesson a week.  Students spend some of their lessons refining skills in the arena we have marked out in one of our fields, and others riding in the beautiful countryside and beach. Please contact us to learn more.

Equestrian Skills

Formal stable-management skills and horse care is taught to students, and anyone who wants to help out with a pitchfork or currycomb is assured an enthusiastic welcome! They learn to name and recognise fundamental equipment and how to use it correctly, thus allowing them the responsibility of getting their horse ready to ride.  Students study a range of avenues from the equipment that is used (even historic equipment such as side saddle) to the health of the animals, horse behaviour and how to safely approach a horse. Any students considering an equestrian career will be well-prepared and it provides an incredibly useful experience for any looking at careers with animals, such as veterinary medicine or animal science.

Horse Riding at School

Horse riding at school


Stable Manager and Riding Instructor, Coleen McQue – BHSAI INT.4 SM/R

Coleen has 30+ years of experience working with stable-yards of over 90 horses coming from all different backgrounds. She has worked for the Saudi Royal family, amongst others, and has trained up numerous grooms from around the world. Coleen ensures we have top-notch equipment and that horses and students are happy.