The Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s  Award is a programme of activities for young people aged 14+.

Young people have the opportunity to develop leadership, teamwork, communication skills, resilience and independence, to build on existing interests and to acquire new skills. As well as this, DofE can provide a boost to mental health, wellbeing and fitness.

There are three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold; and within each level there are four or five sections;

  • Volunteering
  • Skills
  • Physical
  • Expedition
  • Residential  (for Gold only)

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is not a competition and is open to all students. We encourage all pupils in year 9 to start on their Bronze Award.  During the Award students will be supported by Fyling Hall staff for choosing all sections, and they will complete their expeditions – students will need to participate in an after-school club as well as training walks and expeditions over some weekends.

Why D of E?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s  Award provides numerous benefits, it is a lot of fun and it is really useful in preparing for the future.

Universities and employers look favourably on Duke of Edinburgh’s  Award. They recognise the effort that is put into achieving the award, the transferable skills and commitment. Universities are looking for the ‘soft-skills’ demonstrated by completing a DofE Award and so it can really support applications.

Want to know more?

Please contact Mrs. Regine Trotter to learn more.