Experts on the ancient world

Year 6 are becoming experts on the ancient world! Having completed their study of ancient Egypt, its cult of the god-king pharaoh, its farming, trade, industry and dependence on the Nile for existence, they have turned to examine the ancient Greeks and how their civilisation has impacted on our modern-day world! Already they have considered the key elements of Greek architecture and how features such as Doric and Ionic columns, friezes and entablatures can be seen in our important buildings such as the National Gallery, the British Museum, the Bank of England and Buckingham Palace.

They have now enjoyed turning their hands to examining ancient Greek pottery and producing their own exciting versions! True to form they have used only two colours yellow/orange and black; colours that were used at the time, and have adapted Greek geometric patterns and various designs. Congratulations year 6, our experts on the ancient world!

Victoria HarringtonTeacher of History