Exciting news for our boarders

Some exciting news for our boarders in September. As you maybe or not be aware I am a complete dog enthusiast!  I have grown up with an array of family dogs over the years and I have such fond memories of each and every one we have had.  My most memorable family dog was our gentle giant Pharaoh, who was a Newfoundland.  I remember going into my parents house and seeing this big mound of fluff sporting a cool mohawk stood in the doorway.  I did ask my mum “what on earth is that”; the answer “Oh him, that’s our new puppy”. A puppy, I think not.  He was nowhere near puppy size, he was huge and little did I know how much bigger he would get.  We had loads of fun, he liked helping a lot and would often assist you up the stairs and back down. He loved you singing to him.  However, most importantly you could talk to him, and although he didn’t answer, you knew he was listening.  The best part were the hugs.

That brings me onto the news that there will be a new addition joining us in our boarding family in September.  Our new boarding dog will be called Bailey, and he is a chocolate Labrador.  

Labradors are known for their caring kind natured temperaments with children and are the number one dog suitable for families.  Bailey will be present around school and he will be there to help our boarders settle in and there to love them.  The reason for getting a dog is that it brings so much into a family home.  You want a home from home feel and a lot of children miss their family pets when they are away. They are known to play a very beneficial role in a child’s mental health and wellbeing, which is important.  Regular exercise also stimulates the mind and it is difficult to get adolescents away from their electronics.  However, with Bailey we can go out regularly for walks and onto the beach.  Dogs love unconditionally and I know he will be loved by the boarders unconditionally.  I know what joy he will bring to us when we are in the boarding house.  I will be sure to give you all regular updates on Bailey.  I collect him on Friday & whilst it is exciting news for our boarders, I am also very excited 🥰 

Miss Anders, Head Matron