Exciting Adventures for Year 5 and 6 at Bewerley Park Outdoor Educational Centre

Junior school Bewerley Park Outdoor Activities School Camp
Year 5 and 6 Camp Outdoor Activities, Junior School
year 5 and 6 activity camp - outdoor education
Year 5 and 6 Camp Junior School, Outdoor Activities

Last week Year 5 and 6 pupils went on their residential trip to Bewerley Park Outdoor Educational Centre.

The children set off on Monday morning from school, accompanied by Mr Allen and Miss Vincent-Jones. On arrival at the centre the children were greeted by our activity leaders who set the children their first challenge – making their own beds! For some, this was quite the challenge but they worked as a team and made the dormitory’s their home for the next 3 days.

Day One

The children were split into two groups and lead away to their first activity. Mr Allen’s group hit the water where they learn how to Canoe and played Gunnel Bobbing, this caused great amusement watching their partners fall in the water. Miss Vincent-Jone’s group set off to conquer fears at the high ropes, where her entire group reached the top of the dreaded leap of faith! Both groups met up that evening to share their adventures and tuck into a well-deserved meal. The evening activity was hunting Aliens, this may sound strange but to was great fun – the children set off in small groups armed with a map to search for Aliens around the Bewerley Park sight. The team that were victorious was Jessica Allen, Ana Tahmessebi, Darcie Shevelling, Seraphina Summersgill.

Day Two

The second day started with a full breakfast before the children set off on a full day of activities. Mr Allen’s group set off to Brimham Rocks, where they scaled rocks, squeezed through very small holes and leant how to scramble safely up the side of rock faces, the group all came back from the trip full of adrenalin from over coming so many fears. It was then their turn to step foot on the leap of faith and again the whole group reached the top!! It was Miss Vincent-Jone’s group to hit the water and learn how to Canoe, the whole team were great and some even braved jumping in the cold water at the end. They then took part in a Bush Craft that afternoon where the children built dens, made their own fires, roasted marshmallows and made popcorn, it was a very enjoyable afternoon.

That evening Mr Allen and Miss Vincent-Jones were highly entertained watching the children guide their blindfolded partner round an obstacle course, the blind line, this caused huge amusement but the children did a great job and thoroughly enjoyed it, they earnt their time in the common room and tuck shop that night.

Day 3

The last day saw the groups complete their final activity, Mr Allen’s group took on Bush Craft and Miss Vincent-Jone’s group set off to Brimham Rocks. The children were then set the task of packing and stripping their own beds – I hope this is a skill they can all take home.

The trip was a huge success, Bewerley Park pride themselves on being an educational centre and both Miss Vincent-Jones and Mr Allen were delighted to watch the children gain independence, work together and stretch their comfort zones over the week. For many of the children it was their first time away from home which was a huge achievement in its self. The children made the school very proud and they were a pleasure to take away.

year 5 and 6 activity camp - outdoor education
Year 5 and 6 Junior School Camp Out door activities
Year 5 and 6 Junior School Camp Outdoor activities
Year 5 and 6 Junior School Camp Outdoor Activities
Year 5 and 6 Junior School Camp Outdoor Activities