`A-Level study at Fyling Hall was unique and execeptional for me in several ways. The small class sizes meant each pupils progress could be monitered and maintained on a case by case basis. Also, I believe that the stringent focus on core, more traditional subjects, really helped me and my peers gain access to our first choice universities. Being a member of a sixth form at a small school also allowed me to develop myself in roles of responsibility. Whether it was helping Form 1 down to pitch for Sports or just keeping an eye on those year nines, being a member of the Sixth Form at Fyling Hall came with its subtle responsibilities, all of which I believe helped me in developing my character. I mean I left school 3 years ago and I am still more than willing to write this blurb for the school that shaped me in the young man I am today. Fyling Hall is not just about getting grades, its about become a member of life long loving community.`