Everything food-related

These past weeks, year 8 have been working on everything food-related in their German lessons. They have learnt words for different food and meals, how to say what they don’t eat and why (“Ich esse keine Nudeln, denn ich bin glutenintolerant.”) for places to eat. They have also practiced some dialogues ordering food at the bakery or the takeaway, of course including “Danke”, “Bitte” and “Entschuldigung”.

Their last activity so far has been a budgeting task. They are planning to spend a week in a lonely cottage in Germany, and beforehand have to do all their shopping at the supermarket “Netto”. Pupils were handed out a supermarket flyer and a 20 Euro note, and off they went. Some choices were a bit questionable (a week on cola, crisps, biscuits and sausage…), but we also had some healthier shopping trolleys. Covering everything food-related has been beneficial and fun!

Their next project will be to design their own restaurant with their own menu, followed by the staging a visit to the restaurant. Watch this space to see what year 8 comes up with!

Frau Trotter, Teacher of German