Didn’t we have a lovely time, the day we went to Whitby?

Form 1 spent a glorious day learning through play and activities on Whitby beach, as part of their history and geography topic about the seaside. We looked at how the Pavilion has changed since Victorian times and sketched the buildings. After a hearty lunch of fish and chips, kindly collected by Mrs Locker, the children discovered the human and physical features in the surrounding area. Following an ice cream the children headed for the beach and had tremendous fun building sand castles and “making a pool with seats” in the sand. It was a lovely day and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

“It was funny when Bella dropped her ice cream and a seagull ate it!”

“The fish and chips were yummy…..I ate all of my batter!”

Many thanks to Rosie Havelock and Mrs Locker for coming with us and also to Mr Legg for supplying tea and chairs to the teachers!

Mrs Freer

form 1 beach 2