Evening Prep

Good evening. It’s 7:45 pm and I’m at school in the ICT rooms supervising prep (homework) for the evening.

Each weekday evening (except for Friday evenings), and also Sunday evening, Fyling Hall School boarders spend their time between 6:30pm and 8:00pm doing their prep. Teachers take it in turns on a rota basis to supervise each session.

All students are assigned certain subjects each day according to a set weekly timetable. They all have a planner to record their homework in every day so they can keep track of what to do. Obviously daily students can do their homework at home whenever they wish but boarders have to follow a set structure so they can be supervised by staff.

“I think it’s useful for us to do our prep at a certain time because once we have completed our prep session, we are free to use our time however we want.”

Alvaro, Y11

Here are a few students hard at work during prep and Alvaro with his prep diary.

Keep up the good work, preppers!

Natasha Milner, Teacher of English