Our ESL pupils took part in cultural trip to Whitby recently and had a ‘whale’ (pun intended – see picture below) of a time!

“Today, we went to Whitby to learn some facts about the town. We took the bus and when we arrived, there was a lot of wind and it was very freezing. At first we saw a statue of Captain Cook near the Whalebone arch. Captain Cook is famous because he discovered Australia. Whitby was a whaling industry. Next, we saw the roof of the Magpie café which was semi-burnt because last week, there was a fire. Than we saw the house of Henry Freeman. He carried a boat from Whitby to Robin Hoods’ Bay with the help of fishermen. 200 men and 80 horses to pull the boat. When we came back, we read a text about the Lifeboat and wrote post-cards to our parents.

This was a much better day than doing exams.”

Theodore Roussard (Year 8)




Our pupils in front of the iconic whale bones and Whitby Abbey