Eskdale Festival Round-Up: Remarkable Results In This Annual Music and Performing Arts Competition.

The Eskdale Festival of the Arts has come around again and we are thrilled with the results across the speech, drama and music classes. The festival offers a chance for pupils to share their talents and get feedback from professional judges with many years experience in the creative and performing arts.

Excellent Results for Fyling Hall School Students

Many of our pupils have been awarded certificates and several were asked to perform at the Gala Concert that ends the festival. But more than that every pupil who has taken part has done themselves proud. Taking a risk and performing on stage in front of a live audience is a scary thing to do and we are proud of all of our pupils who have performed at the festival. 
You can see the competition results at the bottom of this page.
The first senior pupils to perform at the Festival were from our drama department, some of our drama pupils share their experiences:
At the Eskdale Festival I performed Leah from DNA by Dennis Kelly and Ophelia from Hamlet. I got 1st and 2nd places. I was also asked to go to the Gala for my Shakespeare performance which I am so excited about. 
When I got on stage I was nervous but when I got into my character I completely forgot I was performing in front of people. I enjoyed doing it as I had friends who were doing it with me. My nanny and Mum watched me win the Shakespeare and it was the best feeling ever. A big thank you Mrs Jeeves for helping me, I will definitely be doing it again next year. 
I enter the Eskdale Festival every year and it’s a wonderful experience every time, a great way to boost confidence and improve your performance skills. I also won a first place for my ‘Girls like that’ monologue which was great. My family and friends all were great supporters and I’m excited to perform at the Gala concert. 
Isaac: Eskdale Festival was a treat. I got to see a lot of different great performances by multiple amazing people. I was scared before I got on the stage but after my monologue I felt a sense of relief since I had completed my performance.
I won the first place in my category performing a monologue from Blue Stockings by Jessica Swale. I am grateful that Mrs Jeeves offered me the opportunity to join the Eskdale Festival and help me gain more experience on stage. 
Eskdale festival, performing arts, boarding school, music
Eskdale Festival, Performing Arts, School Drama, School music
Mrs Jeeves, Head of Drama, says “In the senior school it is our 10th year sending pupils for the speech and drama classes. We are thrilled with the continued success of pupils entering the festival with first places in many classes. But more than this the confidence, poise and sense of achievement all pupils get from taking part is invaluable.”
performing arts festival, eskdale festival, school drama, school music
performing arts festival, eskdale festival, school drama, school music
performing arts festival, eskdale festival, school drama, school music
Later in the week our talented musicians took to the stage in solo and duet classes. There are over 50 instrumental and vocal lessons taking part each week with our experienced peripatetic staff and many pupils taking lessons in two or more instruments.
We were thrilled that many wanted to enter the Festival to share their skills with a wider audience. Below Emilie shares her experience at the festival: 
Eskdale Festival was a great experience. I got to play in front of a lovely audience and show off all my hard work on one of my favourite piano pieces I have ever played- A Distant Star In The Stillness by David A.T Onac- and managed to place first which I am very happy with.
I’m very proud of Maddie who was also in my class, she played very well and came second by playing Hound Dog. It was very upbeat and a joy to listen to. Ellie was in the class after Maddie; she demonstrated an amazing repertoire which was mesmerising to listen to.
school choir, eskdale festival, performing arts competition, music competition
Eskdale festival, school music competition, School drama competition
Eskdale festival, school music, school drama, performing arts<br />
Eskdale festival, performing arts, school drama

Dance Competition

For the first year one of our pupils attended the Festival to dance. Anya dances with St Hilda’s Studio, Sleights and took part in the solo dance category. She won first place and was thrilled with her result. 
I have performed in the Eskdale Festival since I was very young but this is my first time competing in the dance category. I performed the Cupid Variation from Don Quixote which is one of my all-time favourites.
I was nervous to perform as the stage was a little small so I was scared I was going to crash but as soon as  the music began I forgot about the size of the stage and just enjoyed  dancing for an audience. I won first place and I am thrilled with my results. I was asked to perform in the Gala but sadly I am away-I would have loved to perform in it.

Junior School Competition

Fyling Hall Junior School took part in several classes at the Eskdale Festival of the Arts. The Junior School pupils won every class they entered, a remarkable acheivement! Choral speaking was a particular highlight as was the beautiful singing of the choir.

The choir were invited back and performed in the gala concert. All our pupils had worked hard throughout the term rehearsing and really put forward their best performance at both the competition and then the Gala Concert.

Drama Competition Results

Name Category Placement
Skye Telling Verse speaking 1st
Megan Fusco Verse speaking 2nd
Jensen Storr Verse speaking 3rd
Geonuk Cho Verse speaking Commended
Skye Telling Poetry composition 1st
Isaac Chan Monologue  year 11 and under 1st
Isobel Anderson Shakespeare solo 1st
Megan Fusco Shakespeare solo 2nd
Izzy Greenwood Shakespeare solo 3rd
Bonnie Grenfell Monologue year 9 and under 1st
Isobel Anderson Monologue year 9 and under 2nd
Jonas Atkinson Monologue year 9 and under 3rd

Music Competition Results

Name Category Placement
Skye Telling Piano solo Y9 & under 1st
Izzy Emmerson Guitar solo Y9 & under 1st
Emilie Moss Piano solo Y11 & under 1st
Maddie Pearson Piano solo Y11 & under 2nd
Ellie Walsh Piano recital Y11 & under 1st
Isobel Anderson Musical Theatre 1st

Dance Competition Results




Anya Legg 

Solo Dance year 11 and under