It was the 10th year of the tournament with six Esk Valley schools competing in three categories to complete an engineering task. A win requires teamwork, problem solving, design, presentation and engineering skills. This year’s task was the most challenging in a while: to design and build a robot that would fit through a doorway and using a magnet, lift and remove a cylinder (possibly containing deadly radiation) – all remotely controlled. We have, if you remember, won in at least one category every year since the Tournament began – how would we fare this year?

We sent five teams and yes, one of our year 10 teams came in first place! So a decade of winning is secure! Thanks go to our students and the Rotary team for devising such a wonderful and devious day. Our students also had an opportunity to talk to representatives from local engineering and technology employers to discuss career opportunities in engineering and technology.
Our Year 8 team:
Engineering Competition
Year 10 winning team
Engineering Competition 3
The winning design
Engineering comp winning design
Year 12 team
Engineering Competition 2
Year 13 team
engineering y13 team