Elfie’s Report on Year 7’s Geocaching Trip

“On Tuesday, our Year 7 group went on a trip to the Danby Moors Centre with Mr Squirrell to do Geocaching. We started with learning about six figure grid references and what different symbols mean on maps. Geocaching is when you have to follow a GPS to different points. When you get to each point there will be a little package which has a question on it. When you have figured out the answer, you need to write it down on the sheet of paper and when you have got to all of the points you have won.

Just before we did the Geocaching we had to go to different coloured dots on a map that our teacher gave us and you had to go to as many dots as you possibly could in the time limit.

Overall it was a very interesting trip. We even found a little field mouse – which received a mixed response! We all learnt a lot from it and it was very fun. Despite the awful weather we all had a great time.”

By Elfie Field (Yr 7 Pupil )

Year 7 Geocashing

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