Eight new international students

Summer Term has brought eight new international students to Fyling Hall, all of whom join our English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. Mrs Jeeves recently led our Year 9 ESL students in writing home and looking back on their first impressions of Fyling Hall. We also took our new class mates on a tour of the school to see the sea, the horses and find some hidden treasures around the site. Here are some extracts from the students’ letters and their favourite photos: 

When I first came to the school I was feeling pretty bad because I had no friends and the school was quite scary and new. But now I feel so happy in this school. I love that it is so pretty. It is a historic building and looks very old and a bit like Hogwarts.

When I started school I didn’t know the place so I was a little confused. It is different from France. My school over there is much bigger and in the city not in the countryside. But I like the teachers here, they are all very nice. Next week I am going to do horse riding and I am very excited!

My favourite lesson is chemistry, you can always do some experiments to see some chemical reactions like I have done the glass experiment and got to bring some glass back to my dorm to look at afterwards. 

Classrooms are not in the same place. Some classes are next to each other, some are alone in the forest. In some bedrooms and classrooms we can see the sea! Other people are very nice and we can go into each other’s bedrooms and into the gardens. I progress really well in my English, I understand more every day. 

I really like maths lessons with Ms Mitchell, she is great teacher. It is easier than some other subjects because numbers are the same in French! 

I very much like this school, here I have friends and they are from different countries. I think it is very cool because I can practise their languages like English, French and German. 

With love from,
Felicie, Romane, Juliette, Liza and Keith

We are thrilled to welcome our eight new international students and are delighted at how quickly they have settled into Fyling Hall life.

Lizzie Jeeves, Head of ESL