Last week we were able to welcome two temporary guests to the stables; Lily and Zeb. They had just finished Forms 2 and 3 had a busy day at Eden Camp last week. The pupils focused their attention on the Home Front, and spent some time studying the exhibits, asking and answering questions and sketching artefacts from World War Two. The children have studied this era in some depth, and several have been inspired to conduct further research outside the classroom.

Here are some of the children’s observations:-

I saw lots of gas masks – they even had them for horses and dogs! The babies’ gas mask was like a helmet. For children they had a Mickey Mouse style so the children weren’t so scared. (Phoebe Russell)

Hut 5 (The Blitz) was very informative and utterly terrifying! It showed the remains of a house that had been bombed.

Hut 5 (The Blitz) was scary but interesting – in fact so interesting that I went through twice! (Gabriel Hodgson)

Back in the days of the Second World War everyone had to carry round a ration book and an identity card. The ration book only let you eat so much per week. For example, they were only allowed 1/2d of meat each week! (Jenna Coleman)

Thank you to the children for their excellent behaviour while we were out of school, and many thanks to Mr Griffin for accompanying us.