This Easter, my band and I had the opportunity to perform in a number of local venues. The band is made up of my brother Alfie on drums, my friend Seb on mandolin, another friend Ben on bass and me on lead guitar and vocals. At each event it was lovely to have the support of so many friends and family. Kate Lavery and Jack Reeves both made guest appearances and performed with the band. After 4 successful gigs, as a band we decided to take our chances at busking on Church Street in Whitby. As a band we were well received and a hen party even attempted to hire my little brother as their mascot for the day! It’s been a fantastic experience for us all and as our Music teacher, Mrs Wormald says, there’s no better experience than live performing. She attended all of our gigs and encouraged the band to invest in a PA system, (which we have). The band has been booked for a number of gigs and the support of our peers would be hugely appreciated. We have a facebook page called ‘ByTheSea’ which was our band name, although we’re currently searching for a new name after discovering a band called “By The Sea” already exists! To view one of our live performances at the Fylingdales Inn see the video below. Thank you to everyone for all your support.
George Husband Year 12