English as a Second Language (ESL) Students Reflect on Their Dynamic ESL Lessons

Our new year 10 ESL class have made fantastic progress during ESL lessons this term! We asked them to look back over the term and Hanna, Elisabeth and Rain have share their thoughts here;

As we get to the end of this term and we have so much to look back on. In this term we learned about a lot of things but my favourite part was when we talked about global issues like equality, the media and the environment. I think things really affect us and it is important to talk about them. There is a lot of perspective about what is right and wrong in this world and this is why we have to talk about it.

We visited Whitby Museum with year 11 pupils as part of our ESL lessons. Every group had to work on a sheet to learn as much as possible about Whitby. I really liked the trip because the museum was not too big and the tasks included to take pictures of fossils and to draw a picture of one of the fishing boats. To prepare for this trip we learned about Whitby on a map. It was really good to do so because I had much more idea about what kind of town it is with the harbour, fish quay and River Esk. My favourite things in the museum were the big ship and the old guns. It was fun to have read some of [Bram Stoker’s novel] Dracula and then see the real harbour how the author must have actually seen it.

ESL lessons are nearly always fun. In the first half term we had spelling tests and often started the lessons with games like connections or boggle. I always liked them because it is good to start using the brain. Also we learnt many new items of vocabulary and grammar. Before I came to the UK I hated writing but now I like writing, it is easier to understand now.

When I first came here, I thought that I already knew English but I didn’t have too much confidence to talk. Katie and Emilie, my room mates, helped me a lot in the first few weeks. If I had a mistake with some words they could help me but it is not bad or awkward to make a mistake because it is my second language. Also we taught each other little words and phrases in our own languages and learnt that Russian, Hungarian and German are actually pretty similar!

ESL Lessons, Fyling Hall School, International Students at UK Boarding School,
ESL Lessons, Fyling Hall School, International Students at UK Boarding School,

The time has gone extremely fast. I still remember the first week even though it happened 3 months ago. The time has helped me a lot with my confidence. I’m excited to go home but sad as well. I promised to visit my new friends in England when I can. I’m glad I stayed because now I can go home with memories for life! Thank you!

About Fyling Hall School’s ESL Lessons

All our international students looking to improve their English receive ESL support from specilaist teachers with additional CELTA qualifications. They are taught in small groups several times a week and this ensures they can access the mainstream lessons and communication effectively in English. There is the option to take IELTS, Cambridge English or ESL IGCSE exams. If you would like to know more about ESL or our Cultural Programme of Events please get in touch to schedule a call.