Mrs Wormald’s A Level drama class were recently lucky enough to watch the latest incredible dance-theatre production by Lloyd Newson, Artistic Director of DV8 Physical Theatre at Leeds’ West Yorkshire Playhouse.
The controversial performance of ‘John’ caused some strong reactions amongst our 6th formers, and encouraged much enthusiastic discussion on the journey home, exactly what Newson aims to elicit.
The company has produced 19 highly acclaimed dance pieces, which have toured internationally, and four award-winning films for television.

The pupils were also lucky enough to be invited to take part in a Q+ A session with the lead actor and performer, Hannes Langolf, whose responses gave the audience an invaluable insight into the intense preparation that it takes to create such a powerful performance.  Alfie Husband was brave enough to raise his hand and to ask a question about Hannes’ physical performance and was delighted to receive such a friendly response.

The students will use the performance as part of their A Level coursework and it was an experience that will certainly stay in their minds as they develop their own skills during the course.