Drama Showcase

Last week our Fyling Hall’s Year 8 drama pupils performed for our Year 7 pupils in a Drama Showcase. Below is a review by two of the Year 8 pupils. It is worth noting that both pupils below are use English as a Second Language and only joined us in September.

Today in drama we did a performance for Year 7. The performance was about history, Henry 8th and his wives Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. Our performance was a comedy based on the TV show ‘The Chase’.  I was so nervous, because I don’t like to speak in public. I liked how other people acted but I didn’t want to act myself. I played a handmaid to Catherine of Aragon, which was a good part. – Written by Laura (from Spain) 

I played Katherine Parr, who was Henry’s last wife. I said facts about her and Henry. I like that we play games in Drama, to be more practical. Sophie (in Year 13) came to help us in lessons too,  that was good because she tells us what we are doing wrong and what we do correct. – Written by Anna (from the Ukraine)

I am exceptionally proud of the Year 8’s performance in their Drama Showcase. The year 8’s spent a long time researching the dissolution of the monasteries and came up with the idea for the play and all the monologues themselves. They have worked hard this term to create a factual but fun performance for the Year 7’s. Everyone in Year 8 performed clearly and confidently and should be pleased with what they achieved! Well done Year 8’s!

Miss Helena Johnson, Head of Music