On Tuesday year 9 and 10 Drama pupils performed in a Showback Evening for their friends and parents. It was a chance for all pupils to share their work, and for Year 9 to see what will be expected of them in GCSE drama. It was a good to see a range of performances throughout the night, with themes such as the Seven Deadly Sins to the memories of the elderly. All the performance were devised and created from the pupils own ideas.

We really saw our pupils develop and they all had the opportunity to show different sides of their personalities. They should all be applauded for performing in front of an audience, in some cases for the first time.

Charlotte in year 9 says: It wasn’t that scary to perform, although I didn’t like being blindfolded by Year 10 in their sensory piece of drama.

Johannes, who has joined us this term from Germany says: It was really fun to perform and was nice to see the performance of year 10. It was a good experience.

Spencer also in year 9 says: This was one of the first performances that I’ve done that I wasn’t nervous about. I knew everything that I was meant to do and we had rehearsed all of our parts really well. I’d perform again any time!

Overall the night proved to be an enjoyable success, filled with lots of creativity. It is always great to see the students own ideas showcased to the public. Well done to all who took part!

Miss Rowland

drama showback