Drama outside the classroom

In Fyling Hall’s Drama Department, Mrs Jeeves and her students have been exploring drama outside the classroom. Take a look at these examples of drama outside the classroom:

The Task – to create a short performance based on the script using their own ideas.

The Script – Teecher’s by John Godber. Often used at GCSE level, this script is extension work for Amber, who is currently in Year 9..

Matilda is also in Year 9. Take a look at her description of Godber’s character, Salty, and his thoughts.

What do you think the character Salty is trying to say in their speech?

I think that he is trying to say the he thinks he’s not ready to leave school. I think that he’s scared about his future because he’s not tried enough in school and he knows that he’s not going to get a second chance. He’s also saying that nobody cares about him.

What emotions do you think Salty feels?

I think that he’s disappointed in himself for not thinking carefully about him paying enough attention in school because he knows that he’s probably not going to get a good job. I also think that he’s scared about that because he’s not with his friends any more he’s on his own and he has to get a good enough job.

And in Year 10, pupils have been exploring Greek theatre as part of a project looking at theatre through time. Take a look at these Greek theatres made from recycled materials by Emie and from Lego by Joe.