Drama is a subject unlike anything else

Year 12 Drama student, Ulyana, tells us about her drama experiences and shares why drama is a subject unlike anything else she has studied before …..

Studying in England is something that I have never expected to happen with me. However, in August 2020 first time in my life I crossed British border. After spending in Fyling Hall School some time I’m happy to share my experience with you.

At the time when Dr. Richardson had come to me to discuss what subjects I was going to take, I had no idea that Drama would be one. Having discussed with my parents that I’m allowed to take whatever I want, I ended up with 4 A-levels, GCSE German and ESL. Since then I haven’t regretted that decision.

From the very beginning of Rockschool Drama course I realized that this subject is unlike anything else I’ve studied before. Partly, I used to consider it more as my hobby where I don’t need to work hard. In October we had first performed monologues and after that started researching lots of information – about theatre practitioners, their methods and contribution to the performing arts. It saddens me that many people don’t choose Drama when they actually want to give a try. I find RSD well-composed course and recommend it to those whose cultural passion is asking for more. I just adore our teacher Mrs. Jeeves and want to express my gratitude.

The time in school passes quickly – I still can’t believe how fulminant each week was. Being a boarder is something like summer camp and our Backstairs camp was incredible. We were joking around all the time. I can’t hold my laugh remembering how Matron once opened the door to our inner corridor and shouted that it was not a children’s playground.

The other weekend I persuaded (with great effort) my two friends to wake up at 5 a.m. and go the seaside to take photos for my art project. This November sunrise was just a present what I can’t say about water temperature. Getting dressed into swimwear we left bags with jeans and sweaters on the sand. Thereby, in 10 minutes someone from us noticed her trainer dangling on the waves. Saving clothes and phones from the tide we realized that everything got wet and even with some dead crab inside the pocket. And we still had to climb up to school. That was the most energetic morning in my life.

All in all, I hope I will see my mates again this year and have a great time.