Desert Island Discs with our SMT

Mr Instone has added a new twist to his assembly programme this year. He is well known for this creative and often interactive assemblies – just recently, he has sung his message, told tales of his own childhood, created and edited films, strummed a guitar and more. But more recently, he has been involving our Senior Management Team by inviting them to be guests on his very own “Desert Island Disc” show.  Recently, our Deputy Head of Pastoral Miss Gilmour was the guest on the ‘show’.

Her choices were revealing and she talked to us all about her memories as a child in Games lessons, her time before coming to Fyling Hall School and a song that always made her feel emotional. Here were her song choices:

“Mouldy Old Dough” by Lieutenant Pigeon

“As Cold as Ice” by Foreigner

“Boom! Shake the Room” by The Streets

“Dry your eyes out” by The Streets

For Miss Gilmour’s ‘luxury item’ she chose… quite sensibly… toilet paper!

Miss G assembly