Deadline for university applications approaches

With a new school year commencing, so the deadline for university applications approaches. This can be a stressful time for students, parents and teachers, but there is benefit in ensuring key milestones are achieved on time.  I thought it was important to keep you informed about the UCAS process and how we are supporting your child in school. 

Open Days

As you know we took the students to a university fair last autumn, but we have been unable to attend any open days. Some students have accessed live online events organised by universities or used the ‘buddy’ scheme through the UCAS hub. All the students who have expressed an interest in applying to university have already registered with UCAS. We recognise that not all students will want to go onto university.  UCAS is now also used to apply for apprenticeships as well as for university courses.

Personal statement

Clearly it is the responsibility of the students themselves to complete applications and personal statements. Some students and parents have been proactive in this process.  We are here to offer support and help throughout.  Personal statements are not easy to construct, but the exercise itself provides a useful preparation for university study. There is a timetabled UCAS lesson and Dr Richardson and I are available during and after school. We have a great deal of experience in this area.


We are confident we can count on your support in encouraging your child to prioritise this process. If they are not applying through UCAS, their personal statement can be used as the basis for their CV and also by staff in writing references for other courses or employment. Whislt Oxbridge applications are being dealt with separately, the internal deadline for personal statements is Friday 23rd October to allow staff to write their references.   UCAS’ deadline is Friday 15th January. No decisions made at this stage are set in stone but once an application has been made it is much easier to defer entry or alter the course/university applied for than to apply after the deadline. 

Advice for Parents

I would urge you to look at the ‘Advice for Parents’ section on the UCAS site which has usual information about the process and also topics such as finance and accommodation.

I am sure we can rely on your support to ensure the process runs smoothly and if you need any further details or clarification please do not hesitate to contact Dr Richardson or myself at school. As the deadline for university applications approaches, our support continues.

Ms Jane Mitchell, Head of Sixth Form