It’s something of a common belief that January is the worst month of the year. Just yesterday in fact was supposed to be a ‘blue Monday’, the worst day of the year. I actually thought it was quite a nice day, it wasn’t pitch black at 4 PM which is what I’d define as a pretty decent day for a  Yorkshire winter. That has me thinking? Is January really the worst month of the year?

Short answer: no, not really, it just seems that way. All the worst received movies of the year are released in January, that’s a scientifically proven fact. The short reason why that is the case is because all the movies that didn’t make the cut for award season or the big buzz of the Christmas holidays get dumped in January. Alongside all the movies studios don’t have faith to survive alongside the big budget holiday releases.

Furthermore, no one really likes January because January is when Christmas ends and work resumes. As much as we all love our jobs and schools, there’s just something quite gratifying about getting to wake up late and not worry about deadlines for a little while. Plus January signifying the end of Christmas signifies the end of the season of gifts.

Dami Williams (Year 13)