Last Thursday and Friday, Form 3 took part in the Bikeability cycling proficiency programme, which aims to teach children how to ride a bike safely. We were taught how to check our bikes before getting on them and how to use the gears. We also learned how to move around obstacles safely, how to turn left and right at junctions and how to use the Highway Code.

After practising these skills on the school playground, we ventured out into Fylingthorpe to ride on roads with real traffic, including cars, vans, caravans and lorries. All of the pupils who took part passed the course with flying colours, although a puncture on the way out of school on the second day of training meant that I had to follow on foot, and will have to complete my training next year to earn my badge and certificate!

We were lucky to enjoy two days of lovely weather, and were all spurred on up Sledgates by the prospect of banana and chocolate muffins and juice at Eve’s house on the way back to school! We would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Harrison for providing such delicious refreshments, and to Alan and John, our very patient Bikeability trainers, for two great days.

Mrs Richardson