crucial crew 2013 005Last week those of us who are in Year 6 took part in Crucial Crew at the TA Barracks in Scarborough. This is the first time that our junior school has experienced this event and we all agreed that it was a thoroughly enjoyable and useful activity. The morning consisted of a series of scenarios which dealt with health and safety issues such as alcohol awareness, shop lifting, fire prevention, internet safety, gas safety and staying safe on the roads and beach thanks to volunteers from organisations such the police, fire brigade, RNLI and coastguards.

Jenna: I enjoyed learning about keeping safe on the beach and that you should always have a rope attached to inflatables – held by a responsible adult – when you are in the sea.crucial crew 11

Gabriel: I especially liked dressing up as a life guard and climbing on the RNLI Jet Ski with Owen who is coming to our school in September.

Leon: The best bit about Crucial Crew was taking part in the shop scenario because the woman who played the role of the criminal was so funny. Later I had to pretend to be someone who had been knocked over in the street.crucial crew 2013 009