COVID-19 Virus Update

I am sure that you are more than aware about all the uncertainty there currently is surrounding the COVID-19 virus. As some pupils are due to sit exams during the Summer Term this uncertainty is most unwelcome, and the potential consequences of this rapidly evolving situation need to be fully considered. The last thing I would wish is for any travel restrictions or periods of self-isolation to have a negative impact on our children’s preparation for their exams.

Whilst we continue to follow the UK government’s advice, the uncertainty at the moment is that the lists of concerned countries/areas are growing almost daily. There is no way to predict by the end of the Easter holidays the number or location of countries facing compulsory self-isolation when arriving back in the UK. A period of self-isolation would have to last for 14 days from arriving back in the UK or from having contact with someone from the category 1 list. This must be completed away from the school.

I appreciate plans for Easter may have already been made, but I strongly advise against any unnecessary travel during the Easter break as it may result in a compulsory period of self-isolation for any affected child if a country’s status alters whilst away.

Students and staff are asked to share their overseas travel plans for the Easter holiday. Having this information will allow me to advise you of any changes in the travel situation if it happens.

I assure you that we are monitoring this situation very carefully and that we will do all we can to ensure we limit the impact this evolving situation may have on student’s preparation at this crucial time. If there are any significant developments, I will contact those affected immediately. Should you have any queries about any of the above, please feel free to contact me either by phone or email.

Steven Allen, Headmaster