COVID-19 Virus Update – Boarding

We are very conscious of how difficult our boarding pupils must be finding life at the moment given the national and international coronavirus issue, and the challenges they are facing are clearly significant.

Fyling Hall School has taken steps which we hope may relieve some of the burden, and I can confirm that we will be keeping Mulgrave Boarding House open throughout the Easter holiday from Friday 27th March through to Monday 13th April. Both boys and girls (all year groups) can be accommodated here, should they decide to stay.

A member of the boarding team will provide pastoral care and supervise the pupils in the boarding house, and a team of academic staff will provide additional support, as well as lead the activities programme. Whilst the focus for our Years 11, 12 and 13 pupils will naturally be on their forthcoming external examinations, we can assure you that your child will not be bored, but will also have appropriate time for proper rest and relaxation.

Please contact me directly on to sign your son or daughter up for the Easter holiday period. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the headmaster or myself.

Adele Gilmour, Deputy Head (Pastoral) & DSL