8P Have Been Making Pancakes – Learning for Life

Learning for Life at Fyling Hall School offers pupils the chance to learn new skills that will support them in later life. Cooking has to be one of the most essential skills required. We are delighted to have the new food tech room up and running so that pupils can get hands-on experience. This week 8P have been making pancakes with all the toppings! 

Now there were a few little slip ups and a few accidents, but pupils have learned through their mistakes and their successes. They’ve been getting to grips with simple recipes, ingredients and kitchen equipment.

There were some particularly impressive pancakes and pupils decorated them with skill. Some even had the idea of adding texture to their pancake by adding crushed lotus biscoffs, a very nice touch!

Overall it was a resounding success, and I intend to include a few other “masterclasses” on various foods for pupils to master themselves.

– Mr Parker

year 8 learning for life, pancakes, food tech, students cooking fyling hall school
Year 8 students, cooking, food tech fyling hall school, learning for life
Pancakes, food tech, learning for life, year 6 fyling hall school students cookinf

Learning for Life at Fyling Hall School covers all learning that is outside of the academic or subject course. Within Learning for Life pupils learn useful life skills and about key areas of society and wellbeing. They learn about relationships, different religions, beliefs, cultures, drugs, crime and justice and so much more.