Continuing with business as usual

Fyling Hall is stoically continuing with business as usual, as far as is possible. Keeping our community calm, clean and focussed is a priority. Naturally, additional efforts to safeguard our Fyling Hall family are ongoing.

Parents have been advised that all fixtures and events until the end of term are cancelled.  Social distancing remains encouraged. We also continue to limit pupil and staff access to people outside of the community on the site. Keeping our community calm, clean and focussed is a priority.

We are also listening to our pupils. You will have heard from your children, we have also utilised our assemblies to field any queries that they may have.  These are uncertain times for all of us, and we want to ensure that our children feel they can voice and share their concerns.

continuing business as usual - students raise their concerns in our morning assembly

As we continue to follow the UK Government’s guidance, we will only close should we be advised to do so.  That said, we are fully prepared for future guidance.  

Thank you for your continued support. We at Fyling Hall will do our utmost by continuing business as usual for our pupils, staff, parents and partners for as long as is possible.