Congratulations to all our learners on their success

Congratulations to all our learners on their success! We may have only just returned to finish the Summer Term and academic year, but before the term hurries past, we pause to congratulate our students who sat the IELTS exam before our Half Term break. What is the IELTS exam I hear you ask. Let me explain . . .

Every year we welcome pupils from countries as diverse as Hong Kong, Germany, Colombia and Russia; it is part of what makes teaching at Fyling Hall constantly renewed and engaging. For many of our second language students, studying in the UK at university level is their aim after they complete studies at Fyling Hall.  In order to do so many must gain a level 6.5 on the British Council IELTS test (International English Language Testing System).  This can be a daunting prospect travelling for a test when so much rides on the outcome but luckily for our latest group of students taking the test had a successful outcome. 

Before half term 5 international students spent their weekend travelling to a British Council test centre in Leeds to take their IELTS tests. We are thrilled to say they have all passed with excellent grades. Arthur, Nikita and Luka achieved grade 7.5 and Ulyana and Ivan achieved a fantastic grade 8. Congratulations to all our learners on their success and we look forward to seeing what you achieve in the future. 

Lizzie Jeeves, Head of Drama and English as a Second Language, Tutor